It’s personal!

You are here because you are ready to find your Soulmate.
You are a single or divorcing woman who may feel lost or hopeless. Going forward, you may feel uncertain about relationships and why things went so wrong or keep going wrong for you.

Perhaps you are suffering from low self esteem. Or you have zero confidence after a bad relationship or break up, wondering why you have allowed yourself to be treated badly, Maybe you are here because you struggle sustaining relationships or finding lasting love.

Whatever your story, I am here to tell you that being single is exactly where you are meant to be right now. Nothing happens by mistake. Nothing!
This Single place is presenting you with an unparalleled opportunity find your SOULMATE and LASTING LOVE.

Perhaps for the first time ever, you can use this time discover your authentic power and beauty. To learn from your past why your relationships have suffered and to create new insights into who you are and where you have been going wrong in attracting healthy relationships.

Shedding old ways thinking is like shedding your old skin and will transform you, reduce anxiety and rebuild your confidence. This will make you irresistible to the opposite sex. And that is where all the fun begins.

I welcome you to my Soulmate programme.

I am an accredited Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Single Women’s Coach and I have helped countless women find their Soulmate without even trying.

With over 10 years experience of working with Single Women and listening to their relationship struggles I noticed they had one thing in common. They lacked the ability to observe and think about themselves. As well as the information about how their past was controlling them and their relationship choices. It was time to create a solution. I created the Soulmate Mindset.

So what is the Soulmate Mindset?
Is a way of thinking that BLOCKS the past from shaping your thinking and relationships by giving you the ability to reflect upon, and understand your own state of mind. You will have insight into what you are feeling, and why.
You will have the ability to regulate your emotions and self sooth while enhancing your understanding of both your own feelings and motivations; and those of others.

Think about it, every important project or endeavour we undertake in life requires, work, study and preparation if we wish to be successful at it. Relationships are no different. In fact, it is essential to have the right intelligence and knowledge prior to entering your relationship, otherwise it is likely to fail.

  1. Ask yourself these questions;
  2. Am I really ready prepared for a relationship?
  3. How can I attract someone/something new with my same old thinking?
  4. What foundation have I set to ensure the success of my future relationships?
  5. What was my mindset prior to entering my last relationship, did I really understand myself?

In a recent published survey by Mckinley Irvin 50% of Marriages end in divorce, and 62% of those were petitioned by the woman. More than ever women are getting into relationships without any real idea of what contributions she must make in a successful coupling. In other words she must know who and what she is bringing to the table.

When a Single Woman has a Soulmate Mindset she will find her soulmate and attract the right man for her.


For a very long time my life lacked one crucial ingredient: A SOULMATE MINDSET.

I grew up with parents who despite trying their best, had a dysfunctional relationship. Codependency, infidelity and emotional immaturity. They were both pre occupied with their work and each other and did not have the ability to attune to their own emotional needs not to mention mine.

This meant, I never had a healthy relationship model to refer to. I didn’t know how to be a part of a healthy coupling as I had never witnessed it growing up. I didn’t know what emotions and behaviours I needed to posses to contribute to a healthy couple.

In the end, when nothing was changing, I realised I had to take action. I was determined to be part of a powerful and healthy couple, and rid myself of the dysfunctional relationship model my parents had bequeathed to me.

I put myself into a consistent and lengthy analysis. I counselled couples for a while, worked with women in addiction and eventually trained to become a psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Single Women’s Coach.

Today, I understand that deep and lasting love requires a woman to have insight into herself and her feelings and know what couple needs to be successful.
She MUST know how to regulate her emotions and soothe herself and she must break free from the strongholds of her thinking that were created in her past if she is serious about finding her Soulmate.

I created The Soulmate program from my own personal struggles as well as from working with couples and women for over 10 years.

Today, I am a successful Mother, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Coach and Author. I know that even after all this work – there is absolutely no such thing as a perfect relationship. But there is such thing as a GREAT one.

I am in a committed, happy, healthy and exciting relationship with the man of my dreams. I have done the work on myself and have attracted a man who is healthy, available and emotionally intelligent, because ‘like attracts like,’ and today I am all of those things too. At times, I still have flawed thinking, but I know what it is and how to manage it when it shows up.

I do this work because I have suffered greatly with a lack of insight into myself and what a successful relationship requires. I have a strong spiritual faith and I know that every painful experience, every heart break, and every special person I have lost has led me to do this work you. To you!

I have helped so many women to transform their thinking and find true love. YOU have attracted this information because you are ready to meet your Soulmate. I can help you too!

My work is my great love and my purpose. As I said..

For me it is personal!!!

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