It’s personal!

I help intelligent, ambitious single and divorcing women to transform the relationship they have with themselves by developing a SINGLE MINDSET.

The Single Woman has an unparalleled opportunity to heal past trauma and develop the deepest level of self-love and empowerment.

I define A SINGLE MINDSET as having the belief that you ARE ENOUGH. That you have infinite resources within that CAN FULFIL YOU and that you have a purpose on this earth that you actively pursue.

Are you setting the right foundation for success in your relationships? Were you OK with yourself prior to entering your relationship? 50% of Marriages end in divorce, and relationships are increasingly short-lived.

I believe the problem is that we do not know how to develop a SINGLE MINDSET while we are single. So we enter relationships hoping for validation, love and healing despite not knowing how give these things to ourselves.

We do not understand that having a single mindset is a crucial aspect for successful relationships with ourselves and others.
In just 90 days, the transformational STORM EXPERIENCE will teach you how to turn being single into the best thing that ever happened to you!

This programme is for Women who want big changes and fast results; who understand that their true authentic power is uncovered by examining and transforming the relationship they have with themselves and developing a single mindset.


✓   Struggle to find purpose after divorce/separation
✓   Struggle to find purpose in your single life
✓   Give too much in relationships and get nothing back
✓   Co-dependent and emotionally dependent
✓   Have unfulfilled creative and professional potential
✓   Cannot trust yourself or your thinking
✓   Feel lonely and unfulfilled without a relationship


I have been where you are now.

For a very long time my life lacked one crucial ingredient: A SINGLE MINDSET. Often I felt as if nobody really wanted me around or loved me.

I hid behind a mask to make others feel better. Looking back on a history of failed and difficult relationships; It occurred to me that Looking for someone else to make me happy was not the right direction.

I was unable to decide when to say Yes and when to say No. I was stuck in a pattern of chronic care-taking whilst neglecting myself in the process. It was like exchanging my soul for love.

I sought advice from others, investing them with ‘God-like’ power and knowledge. I realised it was time to develop a Single Mindset. To Nurture my relationship with myself and figure out my own purpose in life. To shift the focus from another to myself!

Everyone thought I was confident and strong. From the outside I looked self-sufficient and privileged, but inside I felt lonely, unloved and frightened.

I had to identify the life I want to live; and be brave enough to build it; to get in touch with my talents and share them with the world and to help others do the same.

Today I am a successful Coach, Author, Psychotherapist and Mother. I am the founder of London’s SPACE – Single Parents Club.

I am SINGLE BY CHOICE and loving every minute of it. It may be that sometime in the future I will have another relationship, but today I know that BEING SINGLE IS NOT A PROBLEM TO BE FIXED. It has stimulated me to create the life of my dreams.

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