It’s personal!

I help intelligent, ambitious single and divorcing women find lasting love.

If you want to attract your soulmate and learn how to sustain that relationship once you do, then you are in the right place!!!

By developing a SINGLE MINDSET you will position yourself for ultimate success in love. You will attract new type of man and break the unhealthy patterns of the past.

I define A SINGLE MINDSET as self knowledge. Knowing who you are and how your past has influenced your choices. And having the power to change your thinking and prevent the past from shaping your reality and therefore  your relationship choices.

With a Single Mindset. You will have all you need to find and sustain love.

The Single Woman has an unparalleled opportunity to heal past hurts and mistakes and develop the deepest level of self-love and empowerment. shedding this old “skin” will make her irresistible to the opposite sex.

Are you setting the right foundation for success in your relationships? Were you OK with yourself prior to entering your relationship? 50% of Marriages end in divorce, and relationships are increasingly short-lived.

I believe the problem is that we do not know how to develop a SINGLE MINDSET while we are single. So we enter relationships hoping for validation, love and healing despite not knowing how give these things to ourselves.

We do not understand that having a single mindset is a crucial aspect for finding a Soulmate to share our life with successful relationships must start with self knowledge.

In just 90 days, the transformational STORM EXPERIENCE will teach you how to attract the man of your dreams. You will be totally ready for your SOULMATE!

This programme is for Women who want big LOVE and fast results; who understand that their true authentic power is uncovered by examining and transforming the relationship they have with themselves and developing a single mindset.


For a very long time my life lacked one crucial ingredient: A SOULMATE MINDSET.

I didn’t know how to attract healthy relationships. I was lost in a cycle of attracting unavailable men or emotionally unhealthy men, and when I did have relationships with available men or healthy men I duly sabotaged them.

I didn’t know that my past was controlling my choices And behaviour. I didn’t know that in childhood we develop a particular attachment style and point of view about relationships which govern the way we love as adults.

I grew up with parents had a dysfunctional relationship. Co dependency, infidelity, you name it! I didn’t know that because of my childhood my adult relationships were destined for failure . Unless I sought help I was destined for failure.

Caught in a painful and negative cycle. On the one hand desperately wanting love and trying hard to make it work while on the other not having a clue how to attract anyone healthy or to sustain it when I did.

Everyone thought I was confident and strong. From the outside I looked self-sufficient and privileged, but inside I felt lonely, unloved and confused. I couldn’t understand why the years were passing and I couldn’t hold down a relationship.

I had to first get to know me, to identify precisely what the obstacles to love inside of me were; how these obstacles were preventing me from attracting the right man.

So many of my internal issues related to love and relationships were unconscious; I needed professional   help to do this.

I wanted love and I was determined to get it. I believe that the feeling of fulfilment and a complete, happy life comes from great partnership!

I decided  to be brave enough to do whatever it took. To  get in touch with ME and my talents and share them with the world, and to help others do the same.

Today I understand what the Soulmate mindset is. I invented it!! I have drawn my program from my own experiences as well as from working with women for 10 years and learning what it takes to build a successful lasting relationship.

Today I am a successful Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Coach Author and Mother.

I am in a happy, healthy and exciting relationship with the man of my dreams and loving every minute of it. I have found my Soulmate and I know exactly how I did it and I have created this program to share it with you.

For me it’s personal!!!

BEING SINGLE IS NOT A PROBLEM TO BE FIXED, use it as a time to prepare for your SOULMATE.
Let it stimulate you to create and attract the life of your dreams.

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