Single Parents Club

It takes a village to raise a child – African Proverb
SPACE! - Single Parents Club

SPACE©is an innovative club for single parents. The only requirement for membership is that you are a single parent or co parenting.

SPACE was started by Nancy Elliott, a fully BACP Accredited Psychoanalytic Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Single Women’s Coach in private practice.

SPACE was borne out of Nancy’s own frustrations with the perceptions and stereotypes surrounding single parents and who we are – as well as her own personal challenges with the loneliness involved in co parenting her little daughter.

Nancy hopes SPACE will create the opportunity for a vibrant social life with like minded single and co-parenting mothers. We encourage play dates and trips away, sleepovers, or just hanging out cooking at each others houses while the kids play.

Nancy’s vision is an aspirational one, with a strong emphasis on surrounding our children and ourselves with a network of love, convenience and ease.

Nancy created SPACE to fill the void that may have opened up after the divorce or separation.

SPACE is lifestyle club for the Single parents composed of 5 pillars.

  • Parenting
  • Childcare
  • Psychological Well-being
  • Travel
  • Dating

A one stop shop for all you need to live a joyful, abundant and full life as single parent. One who wants and deserves the best.

SPACE Meetings
Much of our strength is within and amongst our own single parent community as it is here that we find friendship and support. Our meetings take place fortnightly.

Our meetings are (Members only or paid for in advance) and feature specialists speakers, themed discussions and workshops. When we do not have talks or workshops we will have a childminder in attendance so please bring the children.

At times we just sit and share whatever is going on for us in a friendly environment, over a coffee, some good food and a glass of wine. All in a lovely Space.

Our Whatsapp groups and meeting are great places to plan childcare exchanges, car pooling, travel together, social events, movie nights or play dates.

Over time our meetings are a great place to find genuine and like minded friends to create new family type bonds all in a lovely environment.

SPACE and our affiliates
SPACE affiliates itself with some of London’s top UK service providers.

We will draw upon our outside connections for all the Single Parent Needs including; Family Legal advice/Mediation; Career advice/opportunities; Parenting Workshops; Children’s Parties/events; Child/Adult/Family Counselling; Fitness and nutrition for adults and children. Education Advice. Child Behavioural Specialists.

SPACE objectives;

  1. To enrich every aspect of the single parent experience.
  2. To foster the most effective environment for good enough and happy parenting to happen.
  3. To facilitate the single parent in protecting and raising happy and healthy children

It is about meeting these goals while surrounding ourselves with beautiful, inspiring and enriching things – that are of the highest quality, surprisingly affordable and designed to make your life easier.
Whatever you need, we are here to make life easier.

Membership Details

Membership is £150 per year
Access to all of our service providers with free initial consultations. All talks, workshops and meetings free.

Meetings/Talks/Workshops £25
More info on meetings and talks please see Website for next meeting info –

“We hope to take single parenthood out of the doldrums to which it has been assigned and into the stratosphere!”

Nancy Elliott
(Founder, Space©)

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