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(“Nobody will want you! You will Never find Your Soulmate..”)
* The Voice In Your Head *

Welcome to my SOULMATE Program.

Congratulations on taking the first step to attracting the man of your dreams without even looking.

My 13 week Soulmate programme will Systematically Transform, Organise and Re-frame your Mindset to put you in the strongest position possible to find lasting love.

The Soulmate programme will instantly reduce anxiety around finding love again and rebuild confidence in yourself and relationships, even if you have lost all confidence and hope.

A Soulmate Mindset is a prerequisite to attracting a healthy Soulmate and a successful relationship. The Soulmate programme will help you get it. Irrespective of age, class colour or beliefs.

A Soulmate mindset is;
The ability to reflect upon, and to understand your own state of mind; to have insight into what you are feeling, and why.

Such abilities prepare you to be in a lasting relationship. They will enhance your understanding of both your own feelings and motivations; and those of others, while enabling you to contain your feelings through emotional regulation and self soothing.

The soulmate mindset is based on emotional intelligence model. You cannot truly love or be loved until you have a good level of emotional intelligence.

With the soulmate mindset , your thinking is transformed.
You will immediately shift all of the unresolved and unconscious baggage you are carrying. You will know how to modulate and interpret your own feelings, as well as the feelings of others. You will attract a new type of man. The man you’ve always dreamed of.

You will become irresistible to the opposite sex, as you begin to emanate a powerful confidence, a new independence and an inner peace that you’ve never had! You will wonder what on earth is going on!! There is a new energy within you and it shows!

Is this programme for You?

I work with women who are ready for change. Women who are not prepared to allow their past control their thinking or their future. Woman who are dynamic, intelligent and refuse to give up on finding that love.

My program will not benefit women who have such strong opinions that they are immovable and who are overly dogmatic in their thinking. Or who have an overly pessimistic outlook, such as glass is half empty.
Neither will it benefit those suffering from serious mental illness, untreated trauma or serious personality disorders. If you suffer from any of these and need help please contact your GP.

My program is a programme for single and divorcing women. It is a no nonsense programme which uses methods that are scientifically proven to work. It is for woman, who have suffered in relationships, who have learned lessons, and who are ready to meet their soulmate and have lasting love.

The Ultimate Cost Of Inaction
I do guarantee a COI, The Cost of Inaction.
If you don’t take action it could cost you:

Unresolved/unhealed past issues.
Carrying the heavy baggage of an unhealed past that is still controlling your thinking, your emotions and relationship choices.

Emotional Dependency/Co dependent.
Never getting the love you deserve. Trapped in an unequal relationship where you seem to be doing all of the giving and getting little or nothing in return.

Your Health:
A person who is not living without the love they deserve and crave often times, their energy suffers, their well-being, and sometimes they have physical issues.

Role Model:
Many of my clients tell me that their relationship with their kids has improved because of them being a better role model and they are no longer hiding who they are and they have taken action to get the love they want.

Low Self-esteem;
No self belief, depression, low mood and low energy.?

Hopeless. Lethargy. Pain and sadness.?

The cost of this leads to more serious problems in everyday life, with family and friends and with mental and physical health/?

Unfulfilled creative and professional potential;
Knowing you have a purpose, a talent to share with the world. Something to say or give but you are too afraid or don’t know where to start.

Don’t let the cost set in, make the investment in the
Soulmate programme TODAY. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make.??

Join my programme and find love again after heartache and burnout; how to believe again when only disappointment remains; to hope again when hope is lost; and to dream again when life has crushed so many of your dreams.

Below are a few testimonials from some of women who’s thinking I have transformed leading them to find healthier relationships and lasting love.

“I found Nancy at a time when I knew I needed to talk to someone, but wasn’t sure the levels of ‘deep’ I wanted to explore, I was also hugely sceptical about therapy and not even sure I was eligible.
Nancy has transformed my thinking totally – I now allow myself to reflect, actual time to think, the impact this has had on my day to day life and relationships is insanely calming”.
Fiona L. (Married)

“Nancy has helped me understand, embrace and not shy away from the rollercoaster that is my world. Never have I felt pushed, our sessions are unscripted – but I always leave feeling calm, supported and ready to face the day ahead – I never thought I would be that person, but I am and I’m proud of it! Thank you for letting me find you Nancy”.
Nicola P. (Married)

“As someone who has always been wary of therapy of any sort, I approached my first session with Nancy with trepidation and a huge amount of defensiveness. It became clear within the first ten minutes that every fear I’d had about talking to someone didn’t exist in the room with Nancy. In just six sessions she helped me entirely transform my way of thinking, my view of myself and how I interact with those around me. She helped me tap into a way of processing my experiences and feelings that has enabled me to better understand myself and what I want from life. I am happier, more stable and I feel better able to deal with what life throws at me”.
Judith M. (Engaged)

“Working with Nancy has enabled me to challenge patterns in my own thinking with generosity and kindness. Nancy helps to create a secure space to achieve genuinely transformative change.”
Rachel H. (In committed relationship)

“When I first started seeing Nancy I could barely get a sentence out without either berating myself for vocalising my feelings or deciding what I had to say was not worth saying in the first place.
Now I give time and respect to whatever’s on my mind or in my heart and have learnt to quieten those negative voices, so I can bring my whole self to every situation.
Louise N.

Without Nancy I wouldn’t have had the self-belief to make necessary changes in my personal life to start living a full and happy life, for which I am eternally grateful!”
Ruth W. (Living with partner)

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