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* The Voice Inside Your Head *

Welcome to my STORM Program.

My programme will Systematically Transform Order & Restructure Mindset.

A Single Mindset is a prerequisite for any relationship to be successful…
Especially the one with yourself.

You cannot love anyone else until you love yourself.

I only work with women who are ready for change. Women who are not prepared to allow their upbringing, failed relationships, unfulfilled potential or fear keep them trapped and playing small.
Women who KNOW they can have it all.

My program will not benefit women who have such strong opinions that they are immovable and who are overly dogmatic in their thinking.
Neither will it benefit those suffering from serious mental illness, untreated trauma or serious personality disorders. If you suffer from any of these and need help please contact your GP.


  • Psychodynamic work to reveal how your past affected you

  • Attachment Theory to rebuild confidence

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy to understand your destructive patterns

  • Twelve Step Work to connect to a higher power and release resentment

  • Action Steps to reframe your perceived limitations and overcome fears

  • The Law of Attraction Thinking to instil limitless self-belief

These techniques are internationally acclaimed, and scientifically proven to get results. My programme is the first to pull together their primary elements, to create the shift from a Double Mindset to a Single Mindset.

A Double Mindset is traumatic. It is characterised by a lack of self-confidence, and an inability to set boundaries and prioritise one’s own needs.

I lived with a Double Mindset for a long time, and have now spent ten years working with women who were in the same situation.

Symptoms of Double Mindset thinking are;

  • Lack of Autonomy

  • Unhealthy Relationships

  • Low Self-esteem

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Over-Eating/Drinking

  • Unfulfilled creative and professional potential

  • Chronic dissatisfaction with life

  • Emotional Dependency

Working with me will arrest this process instantly. These symptoms dominate many women’s lives, until they get help.
The 13 Week STORM Experience will connect you to Single Mindset thinking and empower you to create a life and attract relationships you could only formerly dream of.

You will learn how to love again after heartache and burnout; how to believe again when only disappointment remains; to hope again when hope is lost; and to dream again when life has crushed so many of her dreams.

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