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(“You will Never find Your Soulmate..”)
* The Voice In Your Head *

Welcome To The Single Girls Rehab! 

Have you ever felt like ‘Another one bites the dust’ in relationships? Repeated break ups have you wondering “What the hell is wrong with me?”.

That was me years ago, before I took the powerful journey back to myself. I was standing in my bathroom looking in the mirror, recently separated AGAIN and asking myself, “Why cant you create lasting love. What is wrong with you”.

In that moment it hit me…I admitted to the reflection in the mirror, with tears in my eyes “I don’t love you”. It was heart A wrenching truth I finally admitted.

Something had to change. … Over decades I had tried so many time to change. To not lose power or sabotage my relationships but nothing worked. It was a rock bottom for me that was my saviour. I finally accepted that  my best thinking wasn’t working. I wanted my Soulmate  and Lasting love and I was prepared to put the work in to get it. This time I was serious.

This is how Single Girls Rehab was born. I went on a mission to find out exactly what it takes to really be ready for love and put it all into a programme and wrapped the 12 steps around it.

Single girls rehab is 12 steps to help single women find love and attract their soulmate through 1-1 coaching.

My 1:1 Coaching will focus on your Releasing  your past. Finding confidence/ Embracing love and spirituality /letting go of resistance/ Improve your relationship with your body and Image/Release your old story, take back your power  and embrace a new mindset. 90% of transformation is letting go of your story.

WHY do I do this work? My whole life was a struggle to love myself and know my worth. I lost my mother at 16 and didn’t have even ONE dependable woman to mentor or help guide me in my relationships with men. I want to be that woman for you. For me this is personal!

If your childhood story left you feeling you are not enough. Single girls rehab will flush out the beliefs you are gripping on to that are stopping you from loving yourself enough to have a lasting relationships. Without doing this work we do not stand a chance at lasting love.

If nothing changes nothing changes; if you not ready to find lasting love it’s time to act Now. The cost of inaction is very high. Here are some of the consequences of staying stuck in repetitive negative relationship cycles.

Unresolved/unhealed past issues Carrying the heavy baggage of an unhealed past that is still controlling your thinking, your emotions and relationship choices.

Emotional Dependency/Co dependent. Never getting the love you deserve. Trapped in an unequal relationship where you seem to be doing all of the giving and getting little or nothing in return.

Your Health: A person who is not living without the love they deserve and crave often times, their energy suffers, their well-being, and sometimes they have physical issues.

Role Model: Many of my clients tell me that their relationship with their kids has improved because of them being a better role model and they are no longer hiding who they are and they have taken action to get the love they want.

Low Self-esteem; No self belief, depression, low mood and low energy?

Anxiety/Depression; Hopeless. Lethargy. Pain and sadness.?

Over-Eating/Drinking/Addiction; The cost of this leads to more serious problems in everyday life, with family and friends and with mental and physical health/?

Unfulfilled creative and professional potential; Knowing you have a purpose, a talent to share with the world. Something to say or give but you are too afraid or don’t know where to start.

With Single Girls Rehab you can find love again, after heartache and burnout. You can believe again when only disappointment remains; hope again when all hope and confidence are lost; and dream again when life has crushed so many of your dreams

No matter how bad things have been. Never give up on love

If you would like me to tell you what it would look like for us to work together so that I can help you. Just Click the contact me button or email me and let’s have a conversation. I would love to hear from you.

I work with all women, from Celebrities, to Everyday people.

Nancy x

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