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Single Girls Rehab

Have you struggled finding lasting love?
Do you attract the wrong men?
Do you keep repeating negative cycles in love?
Do you avoid intimacy?
Do you have trust issues?
Are you codependent?
Do you keep getting ghosted?
Or tired of being in relationships that aren’t mutual?
Are you ready to attract your Soulmate and have lasting love?

Welcome to my Single Girls Rehab Program.
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this program is exactly what you need. The Single Girls Rehab is a 12 week adventure that will take place from the comfort of your own home, & will give you the tools you need to attract your Soulmate.

As with any repetitive & unyielding painful pattern, cycle or addiction, an intervention is necessary if we hope to create new healthier habits. I consider the Single Girls Rehab Program to be an intervention in a Single woman’s life.

There is no better time to prepare yourself to meet your soulmate than where you are Single!

Contrary to popular belief, having successful relationships, sustaining lasting love and knowing how to love yourself is not something we are born knowing how to do. These things do not come naturally. They are skills we must learn, much like riding a bike or learning a new language.

The Single Girls Rehab will teach you new and deeper ways to give and receive love. You will leave this program in the strongest position to attract your Soulmate

Here’s What we will Cover.

  1. Deepen Self love
  2. Learn what has not been working in your relationships & Why
  3. How your childhood is screwing up your chances at love
  4. How to attract the right man.
  5. How to recover from co-dependency.
  6. How to shift into your power and become irresistible. Yes!
  7. What men are actually looking for in a woman.
  8. How to show up when dating.
  9. How to step into your femininity.


Being Single is a critical time in a woman’s life. It offers her an unparalleled opportunity to cultivate the tools she will need to deepen self love and attract her Soulmate

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One To One Coaching

I offer a one to one transformational Coaching & Therapy Program to help address all of your relationship needs. Whether you are dealing with issues around Self Worth, Co-dependency, Divorce, Marital issues or Family issues my 12 Week coaching program is completely bespoke and will meet your needs.

Please inquire about about how my program can help you by clicking on My ‘Contact Me’ page and booking a complimentary call with me. This will be an initial consultation to see how we get on, and whether we are the right fit and how I can help.

The most critical aspect of a successful therapy is the relationship between therapist and client. It all starts with the right vibes! So let’s see how we feel together.

Open Ended Long term Therapy.

This option is for those who might wish to delve deeper into themselves. As a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist I am trained to work long term. I do not believe we should be sitting in therapy for years, but instead we should be out there living!

However, at times, long term work is the right right option when we are particularly vulnerable or transitioning though various life transitions such as Divorce, Loss, Age transitions; Children leaving home; Miscarriage – are just some of the heart-breaking situations that might require a longer term holding.

Also, when we are dealing with entrenched or painful though pattens or behaviours that are particularly unyielding.

I do not work with serious mental illnesses, diagnosed or undiagnosed. Please consult your Doctor or dial 999 if you are having suicidal thoughts or need urgent help.

I also do not work with women who are overly dogmatic in their thinking or half glass empty mindset as psychoanalytic work requires a more open minded approach and will not be of benefit.

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